What we've been up to

Vekser focuses on early-stage consumer enterprises that enhance quality of life at work and home. We prioritize affordability, speed, health, enjoyment, connectivity, productivity, and sustainability. Now, we're opening our extensive network, built over a decade with top investors and industry leaders, to everyone passionate about impactful startups

Why hold a community raise?

To expand coverage

Through community fundraising, we're granting a network of skilled entrepreneurs, operators, creatives, marketers, and product leaders access to investors who wouldn't typically have the opportunity to participate in these deals.

To broaden the diversity

We welcome all qualified investors to apply, irrespective of age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or physical limitations. The integration of as many individuals as possible in the capitalization tables of our company is crucial

The competitive advantage

We occasionally leverage the LP network, which our founders can access, to facilitate introductions, share knowledge, assist in fundraising, and recruit new employees.

Better deal flows

Our LPs have a network of entrepreneurs and budding founders working on fascinating projects that we aim to explore before anyone else.

Featured in

How do we enter into deals?

Vekser stands as a titan in the realm of entrepreneurship for the past 25 years. His journey, intricately woven with both soaring successes and humbling setbacks, has become a blueprint for many aspiring founders. The wise ones understand that they may probably gain a lot from both what succeeded and failed. They pick up the phone, to cut a long story short.

Current investments

Proven track record

Over a decade of successful investments, backed by our insightful decisions and an extensive network with industry leaders.

Strategic partnerships

Collaborations with top investors, business magnates, and influential figures, enabling a unique synergy for our portfolio companies.

Comprehensive support

We don’t just fund; we mentor, guide, and connect, ensuring our startups have the tools they need to thrive.

Focus on impact

A keen eye for startups that prioritize affordability, speed, connectivity, and sustainability, resulting in meaningful changes in industries and communities.

Charting the future

For over a decade, we've meticulously curated a portfolio that speaks to our passion for bolstering early-stage enterprises poised to redefine the quality of life at both work and home. Our rich tapestry of investments boasts of startups championing affordability, expediency, connectivity, and a sustainable ethos.