To expand coverage

Through the community raise, we’ll give a network of brilliant entrepreneurs, operators, creatives, marketers, and product leaders access to venture to investors who otherwise wouldn’t be given the opportunity to take part in these deals.

To broaden the diversity

We welcome applications from all qualified investors, regardless of age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or physical limitations. Including as many individuals as possible on our companies’ cap tables is critical.

The competitive advantage

We occasionally use the LP network, which our founders will have access to, to introduce people, share knowledge, aid in fundraising, and hire new employees.

Better deal flows

Our LPs will have their network of entrepreneurs and aspiring founders working on intriguing projects that we want to look at before everyone else.


Let’s Grow Together

Helping you connect businesses

Businesses are built on relationships, and a single introduction can completely alter a founder’s course. If you think of it, we probably “know a person” who can help, potential funders, influencers, creative agencies, recruitment, vendors, or collaborators.

You might be the



Break the ice

Without introductions, funding the new generation of founders would be impossible.

Assisting portfolio founders

To make smart introduction requests, we may ping you as they hire, raise money, enter new markets, and grow.

Impart wisdom

We value those with extensive experience and knowledge in particular fields or businesses.