We like to disrupt things

Early investors of the world's most advanced technologies and talented leaders that solve the utmost cumbersome issues to simplify our lives.

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Our Vision

To discover and nurture tomorrow's problem-solving entrepreneurs with their cutting-edge technologies, aiming to uplift communities and create a positive global impact.

Big dreams of persistent leaders create great organizations.

We invest in individuals that possess the creativity, perseverance, and teamwork skills necessary to transform innovative ideas into successful businesses through education, mentorship, and direct investments.

Built for the future

Partnering with leaders to establish businesses that dominate their industries and overcome various challenges over time.

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Our Founders

Omri Meiuhas
Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL

“We believe the development of AI technologies will ultimately improve the human condition.”

Nikhil Goswami
Mumbai, INDIA

“Connecting suppliers from emerging markets to Western economies not only provides an opportunity, but it empowers communities”.

Lana Lennox
Los Angeles, USA

“Helping simplify one of the people's biggest decisions in life is enormously satisfying”.

Renzo Guttirez
Lima, Peru

“We want to be the fastest solution for partners to fulfill their orders. We route deliveries as fast as 60minutes and we will only get better!”

Diego C.
Lima, Peru

“We take great pride in shaping today's platforms in a positive direction, taking out the toxicity from ordering a service to postings reviews.”

We fuel growth that persists over time

A team that never stops and always strives for you

We take pride in using our knowledge and empathy to help our founders manage unexpected hurdles with assurance while accomplishing all our investor-driven goals.