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Vekser is a venture capital firm founded in 2022 by John Daniel, AKA John Vekser, in Miami, Florida. The firm is focused on backing entrepreneurs who are innovative, disruptive, and willing to challenge established norms in big industries.

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Fueling dreams, elevating visionaries

At Vekser, we view venture capital as more than just a financial transaction. It's an alliance, a partnership grounded in shared visions and common aspirations. We aren't just investing in businesses; we're investing in dreams, in pioneering ideas, and most importantly, in people. Entrepreneurs who choose Vekser are choosing a journey that goes beyond mere financial backing.

An ambitious future

Our sights are set high. As we move forward, Vekser aims to expand its footprint, empowering more entrepreneurs across the globe, nurturing groundbreaking solutions, and, together, sculpting a future where technology and innovation are at the forefront of positive global change.

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You might be the one

Helping you connect, business is built on relationships, and a single introduction can completely alter a founder's course. If you think about it, we probably "know a person" who can help - potential funders, influencers, creative agencies, recruitment, vendors, or collaborators.

Assisting portfolio founders

To make smart introduction requests, we may ping you as they hire, raise money, enter new markets, and grow.

Break the ice

Without introductions, funding the new generation of founders would be impossible.

Impart wisdom

We value those with extensive experience and knowledge in particular fields or businesses.

Disrupting global industries with seed-stage venture capital investments since 2022

Vekser invests in seed-stage technologies and practical ideas in various sectors, including logistics, real estate, SaaS, marketing, beauty, fashion, and entertainment. The firm has a global reach with investments in the US, Peru, Israel, Portugal, India, the Netherlands, and the UK. Vekser prides itself on partnering with its portfolio companies and providing support beyond just financial investment.